It’s Here!!! Why This Work Matters Launches

I’m so delighted to share this new book with you!  Why This Work Matters  has been amazing to put together — amazing because the people that you hear from in this book will amaze you, encourage you, make you laugh, and probably make you sniffle a little bit.

Here’s the promotional information — and why I think you will love it:

Why This Work Matters introduces you to the voices of 11 people who are doing the hard work of making communities better. They work in local and state and federal organizations, in governments and nonprofits, in planning, economic development, city management, downtown revitalization and more.

In their own words, as clearly and honestly as they can put in writing, you’ll hear how they manage the frustrations of this work — how they deal with political realities, with shortcomings, with bureaucracy and discouragement. And, maybe more importantly, you’ll hear what they draw on to summon the courage and the bravery to keep at it.

Hopefully, Why This Work Matters will help you find the courage to keep doing your Work That Matters, too.

You can buy it right now as an eBook or in print through, or for Kindle



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