Sound Bite: Remember to pop your bubble

This Sound Bite comes from Rebecca Maclean’s chapter, Time To Make the Donuts.  Want to read more?  Get the book in digital or print.  Much goodness enclosed.  


The real world is not like planning school/your office/your neighborhood/whatever bubble you


live in. I live in a neighborhood with usable sidewalks in a city where my kids know the people in the neighborhood – the coffee shop owner, the dog walker, the market cashier, the restaurateur, the pastor, the doctor, the teacher. It’s a little Stepford Wives, but we love it. These are choices I’ve made for my family’s life, and I often forget that not everyone makes, or can make, the same choices.

Until I go to the low-income minority neighborhood, the depressed mill town, the rural county, the state whose natural resources have been exploited for a century. Then I remember: this city doesn’t have 90 years of comprehensive planning history, this region doesn’t have eds and meds to fall back on, historical trends have made poverty in this town double the national average for years now. I need to pop my bubble.

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