Sound Bites: Something we can do, and should.

This Sound Bite comes from Michael Hammes’  chapter, “On the Merits of Extremely Long-Term Planning.”  It’s an awesome chapter.  You can get more of this and other awesomeness in print or on your iPad, Kindle, other e-thingy here.  


On the other hand, you will find cities that have a good idea for a project, one that would be of real benefit to the area — a project that should happen. But they can’t get it done.  Maybe it’s because of a property owner holding out, or a state agency balking, or some obscure federal regulation adding cost. In these cases, city staff is left telling residents that “This should happen, but we can’t get it done now.” And then the inevitable caveats – “Maybe next year,” or “Maybe after the election.”
Or just the simple “Maybe someday…” punctuated with a sigh.
We can’t do everything that we should, and we shouldn’t do everything we can.
Sometimes, however, there is something that we can do – and, to our delight, we find that it is something that we should, as well.

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