Sound Bite: Ringleaders

This Sound Bite is from Isaac Kremer’s chapter, “Dare to be Great.”  Like what you read?  Get the book for your favorite e-reader or bookshelf.  Just look for the “Get the Book” link up top.  It’s good stuff.


Benjamin Franklin supposedly said that “vision without implementation is hallucination.”  On a weekly, if not daily basis, I have to remind our volunteers of that fact.  The Main Street Four-Point Approach®, which the communities I work with use, relies on the work of volunteers through four grassroots committees. 


In the communities I have worked with, I end up being as much ringleader as director.  Early in my career, I took great pride in presenting my communities with great ideas and visions, but over time, I’ve come to realize that where communities need help the most is figuring out how to get their own visions to turn into reality.

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