Sound Bite: Creating Enemies

This selection is from Anne Krieg’s great piece of advice, “The Politics of the Situation.”  To read more of Anne’s advice, and that of some other pretty smart people too, get the book.  You’ll be glad you did.


In this work, we also face the necessary evil of creating enemies.  It’s going to happen – they might not like your personality, they may hate government in any form, they may reject your professional role and everything it stands for.  But it’s not about you.  A town manager told me once, “I won’t judge you by the friends you make but by the enemies you make.”
So if the person that hates you is a jerk, then why should you care?  If they have power over you, of course you have to deal with them and address them, but you don’t have to care about their opinion.   This same town manager further recommended keeping a list in your head of people who you respect: focus on how they see you, and forget the rest.  This doesn’t work with hard core bullying, but it does at least help with most day to day interpersonal relationships.

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