Sound Bite: the art of learning to trust

This passage is from Jason Segedy’s epic piece, “Why Bother? Musings on Faith, Hope and Love.”  Sounds abstract, but after you read this you will understand the semi-conscious decisions that are driving your work in a whole new way.  Check out the rest of the essay and the whole book here.

The conflict is between my faith and reason on one side, and my feelings, emotions, and imagination on the other.  It is precisely at that point that I have to make a conscious effort to trust my friend – that is, to have faith in that person.
Faith is the art of learning to trust, despite our changing feelings, despite our fears, and in the face of those times when our moods rise up to discourage us. Faith has to be exercised, and practiced, and fed.
The real kicker is that faith, regardless of how rational its foundation, always involves a possibility that the person or thing we’re trusting could let us down.  It is an admission of our vulnerability—we tacitly admit that our faith could mean we end up deeply hurt.
But if we are going to accomplish anything worthwhile — for our communities and for ourselves — faith is a chance that we have to take.


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