Review of Why This Work Matters!

Not sure how long this review has been up , but I’m so grateful to hear it!
The only thing that I will add is, you will find a lot of encouragement from non-planners, too.   Only about a third of the authors are planners or writing from a planning experience.  The others do everything from run downtown revitalization programs to answer phones in the Mayor’s office.
By Chad
Verified Purchase
This collection of essays on why we do what we do (yes there are lots of government employees that are in it for more than a pay check). This is the kind of book that makes me know that I am not alone. I could have written almost every piece in the book from my experiences. Planners are generally good story tellers but they rarely take the time to tell their own stories. Too often we tell stories that begin and end with other people and other people’s projects.
This book is planners telling their own planning stories. They are told in clear and concise essays that can be read individually or as a group. I would highly recommend this book to planners that need a pep talk and to aspiring planners that don’t know for sure what they are getting them selves into.

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