2 thoughts on “The Authors

  1. I believe this work matters but it disturbs me that there are no people of color–African American–among the authors. Why is this so often the case? Perhaps there is additional work that matters.


    • You very accurately identified one of my few frustrations in doing this project. I wanted to include a full cross-section of voices, but I was recruiting people from among my network (it’s a large network) for whom I already had some sense of interest in writing. Asking someone to do something like this is hard enough, but asking someone to do it who doesn’t at least like the idea of writing — that would be awful. And many people genuinely hate writing. I put out a very broad range of invitations — I wanted not only African-American voices, but other ethnicities and nationalities, and I wanted a wider age range as well. But I had to go with the people who said “Yes,” and that ended up being more narrow than the population as a whole. But sometimes you had to go with what you have, or you’ll never get started.

      My hope — and a start to this is the “tell your own story” page on the web site — is that this will be the start of a series. I’d like to see lots more people take up the invitation to reflect on why their work matters. I’ll be pushing that more in the next few months, but the invitation stands today. So I’d encourage you, and whoever you think might have an enlightening story to tell, to help me make sure that Volume 2 includes the broadest cross-section of Work that Matters that we can get. Thanks.


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